wear with love in mind.

a real, vulnerable, unapologetic take on self love. 

our hope is that when you wear lovehard you feel warmth. allow it to spark your journey, or even just a thought down your path to self discovery, acceptance, and eventually love. 

it is easy to feel alone, but we never really are. the love we wish for is inside us, always. the ultimate goal being to love ourselves so hard, that we aren't afraid of losing our own self. 

there's no life without you. learning to love yourself through the darkness and never leaving when it gets hard. committing to yourself even if no one else does. to then experience the comfort that not even another loved one can bring us. we have it in us. 

how incredible is the power of realizing this. we will be wearing that capability on our bodies. a constant reminder. the heavyweight feel of the garments allowing us to feel that sink in.